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BOL Relocates Headquarters & Main Bank Branch

As the Bank prepares for its 100-year anniversary in 2024, it has also been busy moving its headquarter location and the site of its downtown KCK branch services. Learn more

Providing Community with First Rate Banking

SVP and Business Development Officer, Randy Kimmel, spoke to the Business Ninjas podcast host about the Bank’s business services and its 100-year history of support for working families and organized labor. Watch here

100 Years of Supporting Union Workers

SVP and Labor Business Development Officer, Joe Schoonover, recently spoke with America’s Work Force podcast about the Bank’s 100 years of serving the financial needs of Labor organizations and the skilled tradespeople. Listen Here

“BOL knows labor, we invest in labor, we invest in you.”

Bridget Martin, Senior Vice President Labor Market, was recently a featured speaker at the 2022 Annual Metal Trades Department Conference in Las Vegas. Read More

#UnionStronger Since 2011

It’s been more than a decade since Bank of Labor staff formed UMWA Local 4242. Read More

Police Union Honors Bank of Labor Distinguished Associate Award

The International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO announced that it recently honored Bridget Martin, Trent Chastain and Tyrone Hebert with the International Union of Police Associations’ Distinguished Associate Award. Read More

Qualified vs. Non-Qualified Retirement Plans

Whether you are an employee or a business owner, understanding the difference between these two types of plans is vital to optimizing your retirement savings. Read More

How to Qualify for a Small Business Loan

Bank of Labor Senior Vice President and Commercial Banking Division Manager, Joe Keller, outlined some basic steps that can help you qualify for a small business loan. Read More

The Four Cs of Credit

Thinking of borrowing money but want to get a better understanding of how credit works? Bank of Labor’s credit experts explain four key facts to know about credit. Learn the 4 Cs

BOL Among Banks Making a Community Impact

Bank of Labor’s Financial Empowerment Workshop in Washington, D.C., was recently recognized for making an impact by supporting financial literacy and other educational endeavors. BID Daily News

So, What is Capital Gains Yield, Anyway?

When we hear about returns on a stock investment, many of us assume it refers to dividends that a company pays a stockholder. However, as Bank of Labor’s investment professionals will tell you, returns can also come in the form of capital gains: Capital Gains Explained

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