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The Four Cs of Credit

Thinking of borrowing money but want to get a better understanding of how credit works? Bank of Labor’s credit experts explain four key facts to know about credit.  Learn the 4 Cs

BOL Among Banks Making a Community Impact

Bank of Labor’s Financial Empowerment Workshop in Washington, D.C., was recently recognized for making an impact by supporting financial literacy and other educational endeavors.   BID Daily News

So, What is Capital Gains Yield, Anyway?

When we hear about returns on a stock investment, many of us assume it refers to dividends that a company pays a stockholder. However, as Bank of Labor’s investment professionals will tell you, returns can also come in the form of capital gains: Capital Gains Explained

BOL Banker Shares Business Start-Up Tips

Mary Buche, Bank of Labor senior vice president and lending relationship manager, recently shared  tips with Kansas City Star readers on how to get a small business off the ground.  Kansas City Star

Labor Division Committed to Financial Success of Skilled Labor

Our Labor Business Development Team was recently featured in BankBeat magazine for its long-standing commitment to the growth and financial success of labor organizations and their partners:BankBeat

101-FM Interviews Head of Trust Division

In recognition of Tom Johnson‘s longstanding involvement in charitable outreach, he was recently selected by NABTU leadership to be featured on the MVP segment they sponsor on 101-FM. You can catch the interview on Friday, Jan 7, around 6:10am and around 8:30am on 101 The Fox

Bank of Labor SVP Named to CFPB’s
Community Bank Advisory Council

Bank of Labor Senior Vice President, Mary Buche, has been named to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Community Bank Advisory Council (CBAC). Read More

Bank of Labor Key Investor in Affordable Housing Fund 

IMPACT Mortgage Opportunities Fund (the ‘Fund’), which seeks to preserve existing affordable multifamily properties in underserved communities, recently exceeded its initial capital target and raised $210 million from six large institutional investors, including Bank of Labor, headquartered in Kansas City, Kan. Read More101-Frecognized forThinking of borrowing money but

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