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MasterCard® for Union Leaders

Bank of Labor’s no annual fee MasterCard® is designed for union leaders and those who ‘live the code’ of the Labor Movement. Credit checks are not performed on individual cardholders, rather underwritten on the union-entity, using its tax-ID. Receive fraud protection, online management to streamline expense tracking and restrict transaction categories for cardholders. Earn cash back in the form of a statement credit, reward points for merchandise, gift cards and more.

  • No annual fee and competitive rates
  • Falcon® fraud protection
  • Online tools help you manage your account and issued cards
  • Streamline expense tracking
  • Restrict transaction categories including cash and more
  • Earn reward points for merchandise, travel or cash back in the form of a statement credit

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Commercial Prepaid Cards

Bank of Labor’s cost-effective, paperless program provides an innovative pay card option to simplify and better manage your payment needs without using traditional banking services. Reduce your risk in using large amounts of cash. Conveniently distribute funds for convention delegate payments, expenses, payroll, reimbursements, incentives, pension payments, gifts, etc.  Cardholders can access the full balance in cash, when authorized, with no fee when used at our nationwide network of ATMs.  Eliminate costly and time-consuming escheatment procedures and more.

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