Labor Frequently Asked Questions

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California Consumer Residents

As a California consumer resident – how does Bank of Labor handle my personally identifiable personal information?

Bank of Labor is subject to and complying with comprehensive federal regulations that restrict our collection, use, and disclosure of consumer information. These laws and regulations include the federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Regulation P.  These existing federal regulations require Bank of Labor to disclose to our consumers the types of information we collect, types of sources from which we collect information, and reasons we can use and disclose consumer information. The California Consumer Privacy Act includes language generally exempting financial institutions, such as Bank of Labor, from its provisions. Bank of Labor collects, retains, and uses personal information to provide financial products and services, to maintain accounts, for legal reasons, and to preserve the security of accounts. Bank of Labor is committed to having strong privacy programs that adhere to strict data privacy and security requirements.