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Our customers love us, but don't take our word for it.
The Bank’s Treasury Team quickly helped us increase our line of credit during a hectic election se ason. Thank you all for the fast assistance that helps us keep up with our chaotic schedule.
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Zaina S. Tannu

PAC Director

Political Action Committee
We are proud to present Bank Of Labor with the Distinguished Associate Award for their ongoing suppo rt as well as their recent assistance in securing grant funds for the association's employees during the pandemic.
International Union of Police Associations

Sam Cabral

International President

International Union of Police Associations
We are so thankful to be able to reach out to both SVP Bridget Martin and Treasury Services Operatio ns Supervisor Pang Lo for assistance.  They always respond quickly. Thanks so much for who you are and for all you do!
IATSE Local 22

Lynn Jackson

Former Secretary Treasurer

IATSE Local 22
The Bank of Labor is committed to assisting unions and community businesses to succeed. Their teams are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.
Bank of Labor’s Treasury Operations Supervisor, Pang Lo, is a vital asset to the Labor Team. She h as always been there for the Iron Workers Mid-Atlantic Locals and District Council. Pang and her staff answer the phone anytime and have been helpful in any situation – including emergencies. If they don’t have an immediate answer, Pang and her staff get the information while keeping our locals updated during the entire process.

Kendell Martin

9th General Vice President

Our council wanted to affiliate itself with a bank that believed in unions.
Southern States Millwright Regional Council Logo

Wayne Jennings

Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Southern Millwright Regional Council
Our experience with Bank of Labor has been of great satisfaction. We have had every answered quickly and efficiently. I owe a personal debt of gratitude to the Bank of Labor for the stress free approach and the professionalism of everyone I have worked with at the bank. If you are looking to find a partner in banking apposed to just a bank looking out for itself, The Bank of Labor is the only choice.
Bank of Labor is 100% union owned and employs union workers under the protection of a collective bar gaining agreement. The bank uses its capital, your money, for the best interests of union families. I encourage every labor organization to support our friends at Bank of Labor.
United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, Allied Workers

Kinsey Robinson

Former International President

United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers
I believe that every labor organization should do everything in their power to put their money with a bank that supports labor. I could not be more pleased with the Bank of Labor.
North America's Building Trades Unions

Joe Hall


Dallas B.C.T.C.
Bank of Labor provides a terrific tool for labor unions and federations to bank, borrow and invest. By consolidating labor’s capital, we are putting our money to work for us not against us.

Tim Burga


We can make our job a lot easier when we stop giving our money to those who use it against us.
United Mine Workers of America

Cecil Roberts


United Mine Workers of America
Union General Contractor, Bush Construction, worked with the Council through a Project Labor Agreeme nt. Frankly we thought the project was dead until Bank of Labor’s involvement—and likely wouldn’t have happened without them.

Rory Washburn

Former Executive Director

ILLOWA Labor Management Council
As a union leader, I build union, buy union and I bank union!
Sheet Metal Workers

John Scavatto, Jr.

Business Representative

Sheet Metal Workers Local 63
When California B.C.T.C. chose to purchase and build a headquarters at the State Capitol, we require d a partner that shared the same principles and believed in blue collar workers. We found all of those things in the strong financial partner called the Bank of Labor.
California BCTC

Robbie Hunter

Former President

California B.C.T.C.
The financial needs of unions are somewhat different than average businesses and most financial inst itutions are unable or unwilling to meet unions where they are. Bank of Labor specializes in the needs, desires, and finances that unions are all about.

Reggie Thomas

President/Business Manager

LiUNA! Laborers’ Local 264
Bank of Labor is deeply committed to helping unions succeed. Their team provides outstanding service for our union day in and day out.
Unite Here! White logo

D. Taylor


Bank of Labor provides outstanding services to the Illinois AFL-CIO. We have a trusting relationship with them that goes above the usual banking experience. We are well-served in our relationship with them. They unfailingly meet all of our banking needs with great attention to all the details and we consider them a valued partner.
Illinois AFL-CIO

Michael Carrigan

Former President

Illinois AFL-CIO
Throughout the process of purchasing a building, Bank of Labor provided details, support and persona l relationships. The title agent stated she had not closed on a commercial property so quickly and efficiently in her 25-plus years and commended Bank of Labor.

Randy Storr

National Organizer

IUEC Local 140
Bank of Labor understands the way we do business. We are not their largest customer, but the level o f service they provide makes it seem like we are. I feel I have a partner in the Bank of Labor and that’s reassuring in these uncertain times.
Kansas City BCTC

Alise Martiny

Former Business Manager

Greater Kansas City B.C.T.C.
Bank of Labor was a godsend. I just can’t say enough about that group. Everyone at the bank has be en a class act since the day we met them. They really know their business, and they learned our business very rapidly.
Lobster Logo

Dave Sullivan

General Vice President Eastern Territory

International Association of Machinists and Lobstermen Local 207
This bank has never betrayed the trust of working men and women in its 91 years of service. Bank of Labor has an opportunity to play an even greater role in creating economic opportunity and stability for everyday families. Now that’s a worthy goal. When this bank succeeds, it’s our family that succeeds.

The late

Richard Trumka

Past President

International Union of Police Associations

“We are proud to present Bank of Labor with the
Distinguished Associate Award for their ongoing support as well as their recent assistance in securing grant funds for the association's employees during the pandemic.”

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