Online Payment System
Collect Dues the SmartWay With SmartPay

Revolutionize how you receive payments online with SmartPay. It’s a payment portal that enables online payments through your organization’s website. This portal is ideal for Labor leaders who want to increase their online revenue, streamline payment processing, and create efficient, convenient operations.

SmartPay works by creating a unique URL on your website that would link to a Bank of Labor SmartPay payment page.

  • No web developer is needed to install the portal
  • Safer than using third party entities that put you at risk for fraud and theft.
  • Bill or direct vendor payments
  • Payment page is branded to match your existing website
  • Customizable fields to collect specific payee/donor information
  • Payment posts are created automatically and can be exported or imported into Quickbooks
  • Members can use multiple credit and debit card payment options, including MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express® and Discover®

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