M.O.R.E. Work Investment Program

Financing to Expand Trade Market Share

Are you missing out on profitable local construction projects because your developers lack capital?

Does your union want to:

  • Expand market share and geographic footprint?
  • Take control of your organization’s future growth?
  • Grow man-hours?
  • Earn a strong financial return on the funds you invest in M.O.R.E. Work projects?

Bank of Labor’s M.O.R.E. Work Investment Program (M.O.R.E. Work) is a smart way to utilize your funds to deepen developer partnerships, increase union loyalty and expand access to financing for market share growth.

 M.O.R.E. Work:

This customizable program was developed to help Trade Unions connect small and medium‐sized developers to working capital needed to develop projects in your area.

So, how does it work?

 First, the Trade Union…

  • Identifies developers and/or projects with construction financing needs.
  • Has organizational resources that can be used, short-term, to invest in the identified project(s).

 Then, Bank of Labor…

  • Identifies local lenders to participate in a construction loan.
  • Provides an Executive Summary to the Building Trades organization supplying investment funds.
  • Manages loan closing and servicing over the life of the loan.

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