Institutional Services

Custody Services

Our custody services align with our clients’ needs with efficiency and effectiveness. Our comprehensive custody services help you manage your assets. Bank of Labor has extensive experience customizing services for complex custody client accounts with unique requirements.

  • Master custody
  • Domestic and global custody
  • Treasury management
  • Securities lending
  • Performance measurement
  • Comprehensive reporting

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Not-For-Profits Investment and Trust Services

Bank of Labor has spent decades working as a financial partner in the Kansas City community. We are proud to provide investment and trust services to help not-for-profit organizations become stronger and more successful. We offer a wide range of endowment and foundation services that can help your organization achieve its goals.

  • Investment management services
  • Asset custody and safekeeping
  • Recordkeeping and reporting
  • Retirement plan services
  • Online account access
  • Master trust and custody
  • Securities lending

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Global Custody

Our global custody services allow you to access international investment opportunities with Bank of Labor as a trusted partner. We have the knowledge and expertise to protect your assets and provide world-class global custody services.

  • Asset safekeeping and settlement
  • Recordkeeping and reporting
  • Performance measurement
  • Income processing and corporate actions

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Retirement Plans

A solid, well-designed retirement plan is a great investment benefitting your organization’s employees, associates and members. At Bank of Labor, our experienced advisors will help you sort through the options and design a retirement plan that fits your unique goals and objectives.

    • Taft-Hartley funds
    • Defined benefit plans
    • Profit sharing plans
    • 401(k) plans
    • 403(b) arrangements
    • Annuity funds
    • Employee stock ownership plans
    • Rollover IRA accounts

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Investment Management

Bank of Labor has a highly personalized service managing and administrating investment assets. In this dynamic global economy we offer reliable guidance to navigate the markets.

    • Solid risk management strategy
    • Disciplined asset allocation
    • Protect your securities against physical loss, theft, fire or neglect
    • Complete recordkeeping and reporting
    • Income processing as you direct

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Securities Lending

Bank of Labor can help institutional investors earn extra income in substantial investment and pension portfolios with minimal risk by lending securities to qualified borrowers. We make the securities lending process reliable and secure, focusing on producing attractive returns while minimizing risk.

  • Maximized investment return on securities
  • Incremental income to your portfolio
  • Lending all liquid security assets
  • Global securities lending available

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Master of Trust & Custody

Bank of Labor offers clients the convenience of maintaining multiple accounts in a master trust or custody arrangement. We offer a comprehensive range of services to ease your workload, supporting multiple managers or funds.

  • Comprehensive recordkeeping, accounting and reporting
  • Income processing and corporate actions
  • Transaction management and settlement
  • Online access and reports
  • Treasury management

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Treasury Management

At Bank of Labor, our treasury management services are fully integrated with your investment management and trust services accounts, giving you access to a wide range of powerful, flexible options. We work with Taft-Hartley administrators or corporate controllers or treasurers to make sure we manage your cash flow efficiently and capitalize on opportunities to maximize your liquid assets.

  • Rapid collection and transfer of funds
  • Flexible disbursement services to manage funds and payments
  • Real-time updates for fast, accurate decision-making

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