National Certificate of Deposit Program

For almost a century, we have been a trusted bank for unions and allied organizations. Our team has a proven track record with in-depth experience and knowledge in cash management.

Bank of Labor’s National CD Program offers an effective way for organizations to invest larger sums of money while having it collectively protected. We use the leverage of billions of trust dollars under our management to greatly exceed the return on your deposit. 

Enjoy peace of mind with FDIC insurance on deposits over $100,000. Whether it is $100,000 or $100 Million, it is all protected. Large deposits are broken into smaller deposits and placed in other smaller member banks to provide full FDIC coverage.

Rest assured knowing Bank of Labor can accommodate reasonable requests to liquidate some of your assets. No early withdrawal fee or interest penalties will be applied as long as your funds are not going to another financial institution.

  • Receive sample laddered CD portfolio options (Long, Intermediate, and Short)
  • Keep all your funds working and FDIC insured
  • Choose to have interest sent to your organization monthly or reinvested
  • All CDs are managed by the Bank of Labor
  • Receive free monthly statements and the option to view all your investments on Bank of Labor’s Trust Division online portal
  • Option to liquidate assets with no penalty or fee on reasonable requests as long as your funds are not going to another financial institution
  • Pay only one rate on CD investments (25 basis points or .0025 on overall market value of the account from the previous month end)

Bank of Labor helps unions effectively manage and grow finances by keeping union dollars in labors’ hands to keep your money working for unions – not against unions. We use deposits to finance union projects and we avoid investments with corporations on labors’ boycott list. By aggregating labors’ money, we aim to serve as a growth engine to gain union market share, while raising the standard of living for working families.