Success Stories

Union Banking
Lobstermen Net Help from
Bank of Labor

Lamoine, Maine

Like so many men and women who work hard and risk their health and lives to feed the American economy, a group of independent Maine lobstermen found themselves constantly at the mercy of price swings in a system that kept them several steps removed from the final buyers and a fair price for their product.

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National Consumers League + Bank of Labor = Common Values

Washington, District of Columbia

After learning of Wells Fargo’s unscrupulous practice of opening unauthorized customer bank and credit card accounts and collecting millions of dollars in bogus fees, the National Consumers League joined a broad coalition of pro-consumer groups to launch a national campaign to get like-minded organizations to stop banking with Wells Fargo. 
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Texas AFL-CIO and Bank of Labor Partnership Cultivates New Contractor
Austin, Texas
The Texas AFL-CIO was hesitant to sell, given its close proximity to the Texas State Capitol building and governor’s mansion in Austin. The location aided the state federation’s visibility fighting on behalf of social and economic justice for working families. But years of deferred maintenance had taken a heavy toll on the headquarters, and the organization was looking at a $3,000,000 investment. 

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