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November 6, 2012
Big Banks Back Romney
Does Your Bank Have Labor’s Interests at Heart?
Wall Street has invested more dollars in Mitt Romney (R), a former financier who has pledged to repeal Obama's new financial regulations, than in any presidential candidate in memory. Employees of financial firms had given more than $18 million dollars to Romney's campaign through the end of September and tens of millions more to the super PACs supporting him.
In fact Romney’s top five sources of funds are Wall Street Banks according to the nonpartisan, independent organization Center for Responsive Politics:
Mitt Romney (R)
Goldman Sachs
Bank of America
Morgan Stanley
JPMorgan Chase & Co
Credit Suisse Group
These financial institutions, holding trillions in labor capital, are using their profits to fill the coffers of a candidate who wants to push for a national law that will prohibit labor unions from using dues deducted from their members' paychecks for political campaigns.
Instead of funding the enemy Bank of Labor wants to consolidate labor's capital to support the values and causes of our union brothers and sisters.
We invite you to call us and find out how together we can make a stand for labor!