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June 18, 2018
Summer Vacation Travel Tips
Summertime is upon us!  You and your family may be headed out for vacation or maybe you plan to stay in town and catch some local attractions and entertainment.  Debit and credit cards provide convenience and are a great financial tool when traveling. Before you pack your bags and head out of town, a few key travel tips to consider:
The easiest way to protect your finances is to notify Bank of Labor before you travel. Helpful travel details such as dates and locations of your trip help us to better monitor the activity on your accounts and prevent fraud. Contact us:
Debit/ATM Cards and Credit Cards - Union Customers: 1-855-24-LABOR
Debit or ATM Cards:  - Community Banking Customers: 1-888-722-1324
Credit Cards - Community Banking Customers:  1-800-442-4757
Carry some cash. Having some cash on hand is always a good idea in case a vendor does not accept cards or if you encounter issues with card readers.
Keep your eyes on your credit and debit cards.  Skimming devices are commonly found where thieves can duplicate your card information to use your card fraudulently.  Be suspicious of places that require you to swipe your card through more than one machine.  
Download our Bank of Labor mobile app for your smartphone.  It provides 24/7 access to your account during your travels for you to monitor your accounts to ensure that there have been no unauthorized charges.  
Don’t assume a public Wi-Fi hotspot is secure. Wi-Fi hotspots in coffee shops, airports, hotels, and other public places often are not secure. To protect your information when using wireless hotspots, send information only to websites that are fully encrypted, and avoid using mobile apps that require personal or financial information.
Don’t overshare on social media.  While it’s an exciting time to share your vacation pictures, it also tells the rest of the world that you are not at home.  Resist the temptation to share your favorite vacation pictures until you return home.