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February 7, 2013
Right-To-Work: Will Missouri be the Next to Fall?

When Michigan enacted right-to-work laws late last year, it became the 24th state to do so. On-going right-to-work battles are being waged in Colorado, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Now Missouri is looking at a similar measure.  Currently in committee hearings is Missouri House Bill 77 which would ban the collection of union dues as a condition of employment.  If the measure were to pass, Missouri would be the 25th state to enact such legislation meaning fully half of the states in the nation would be so-called right-to-work states.

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (R), co-sponsor of the bill, has said right-to-work legislation would be difficult to pass without the support of Governor Jay Nixon (D). Nixon is on record as staunchly opposed to making Missouri a right-to-work sate. However, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder claimed for months that “right-to-work was not on his agenda”, then did an abrupt about-face in December and signed just such a measure into law.

And is this recent action the tipping point Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is looking for?  Paul introduced a national right-to-work bill last week. As of Tuesday, the bill had eleven co-sponsors. While similar legislation has been put forth in recent years, the current slew of state bills being considered in battleground states may make the time ripe for passage of a federal right-to work act.