Emergency Loan Programs


Bank of Labor has created two unique loan programs to help Labor organizations get the financing they need when a turbulent economy can make it a challenge to get access to working capital: 

Emergency Loan Program (ELP)

Turn the untapped value of your real estate assets into working capital.

Right now, does it seem like there’s a lack of empathy for the very real challenges the North American Labor Movement is facing?

That’s not how things work at Bank of Labor. We understand Labor. For nearly 100 years, we’ve been focused on helping maintain Labor’s stability and security. That’s why, in collaboration with Labor organizations like yours, we’ve created an Emergency Loan Program (ELP) that includes some very unique benefits.

ELP Offers:

  • Low fixed rate of interest
  • Maximum flexibility with a companion Line of Credit
  • 24 months deferral of principal payments
  • Special interest rates for clients who maintain their operating accounts with Bank of Labor
  • Waived prepayment, administrative, facility, commitment, and attorney fees

Emergency Loan Program Line of Credit (ELP-LOC)

Wondering how to get financing without cashing-in your liquid investments?

Bank of Labor’s ELP-LOC program can help you get the funding you need by borrowing against investment assets held in the Bank of Labor Trust Department.

Pledging those assets to obtain a Line of Credit through the ELP-LOC can be a safe and sound approach that helps avoid liquidating investments to pay for operating expenses.


  • Immediate availability to funds
  • Interest-only payments based on the balance outstanding on the Credit Line
  • Extremely low set-up costs
  • Very competitive rates of interest

Call 855.24.LABOR today to learn more about ELP-LOC and discuss the line of credit that works best for your organization.

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COVID-19 Emergency Loan Program (C-19 ELP)

Put the value of your investments to work for your organization.

As a union-owned and operated bank, we are uniquely positioned to go above and beyond in serving Labor’s financial needs. Never before has our mission focus been more critical.

We’ve pulled out all the stops to create COVID-19 Emergency Loan Program (C-19 ELP), a program that will be most helpful to Affiliate Unions during these uncertain times. The terms are designed specifically for our Labor friends, the structure is unusually Labor friendly. Plus, we’ve waived all customary fees. Our objective is to provide financial support that meets Labor’s unique needs in these uncertain times.

We recognize that each Affiliate Union will have different borrowing needs, timelines, capabilities and resources, so we’ve put the framework and resources in place now to meet those needs and circumstances in the coming months.

The ELP programs are available for a limited time.

Call 855.24.LABOR today to get access to the working capital you need.