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Consolidating Labor's Capital

With the Bank of Labor, North America’s labor movement now has the option of using a financial institution, union owned and union represented, that can work hand-in-hand with labor to manage a consolidation of its hard-earned capital into programs that support organized labor and our values, rather than undermining our causes and our movement, as we do now.
Whether it is an institutional infrastructure loan for a local lodge, or a lodge’s training center, or a contribution from Bank of Labor profits to support the issues and causes that we fight for every day, Bank of Labor can be the financial support vehicle to accomplish so much for our unions, our members and their families.
And by withdrawing labor’s funds from the mega-banks, we diminish or even eliminate their ability to turn the profits generated by the labor movement’s capital into a weapon against organized labor, our members and their families.
Bank of Labor is committed to working with the greater labor movement to support our political, legislative and social agendas by allocating a percentage of Bank of Labor profits to our collective cause, within the constraints and dictates of our federal, state and local laws.