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Committed Labor Leadership

In addition to our day-to-day board of directors, Bank of Labor will seek the council of our Labor Advisory Board. This board will be made up of independent directors dedicated to the causes and issues of the labor movement. Their role will be to help guide the policies and strategies of Bank of Labor such that they remain beneficial and supportive of the labor movement as we jointly build Bank of Labor.
Already, leaders from within our labor ranks have risen to this challenge with enthusiasm and an excitement that gives great heart to the launch of this initiative. These leaders will represent the specific and special interests of the labor movement as they help advise Bank of Labor in its policies for operations, for growth, for investments, for donations and for its voice in our nation’s direction going forward.
While Bank of Labor is already led by leaders in the labor movement, we understand that we need objective input and advice from those in our labor movement that have a different perspective or a different viewpoint on how Bank of Labor might best serve the labor movement’s interests. We are excited about this input and pledge to support the advice we get from this independent and voluntary advisory board.
Have you given thought to this yet? What other financial institution that you currently bank with has a Labor Advisory Board? A board dedicated to steering the decisions of your financial institution to make the best decisions it can for both its shareholders and the customers it serves. Bank of Labor is proud to find this balance.

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