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Bank of Labor Strategy

Bank of Labor cannot grow to its potential overnight. It cannot serve the needs of every union member overnight. We recognize that our strategy for truly becoming the bank of choice for the labor movement must be to start with its institutions. Local lodges. International unions. Trust funds. Related organizations.

There is potentially explosive growth through a banking relationship with labor institutions that would allow us to grow capital strength that, one day, would give us the ability to service the entire labor movement as well as individual members and their families.

Presently, union members affiliated with the AFL-CIO are well served through its innovative and valuable Union Privilege Program. Bank of Labor respects this program and will be referring union member customers to the Union Privilege Program for their consumer borrowing needs. For now, Bank of Labor will focus on the borrowing needs of labor institutions.
As the labor movement helps us to grow Bank of Labor, our services will expand in conjunction with the needs and expectations of the AFL-CIO and its affiliate international unions. We believe a symbiotic relationship can evolve to serve the best interests of the AFL-CIO, its affiliates, their members and the likeminded shareholders of the Bank of Labor.