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A True Labor Bank

Bank of Labor shares the values and the causes of the AFL-CIO, its affiliate unions and their members—and our employees are represented by one of its most revered and storied unions: the United Mine Workers of America. We are proud of our partnership with the UMWA, and we appreciate their fair representation of the men and women of Bank of Labor.

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers has owned Bank of Labor, along with several investing affiliate lodges and other Kansas City community investors, since its inception as Brotherhood State Bank in 1924. Together with our lodges, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers owns over 60 percent of the shares in Brotherhood Bancshares, Inc., the bank’s holding company.

Bank of Labor’s expanded mission is to serve the needs of the North American labor movement such that we respect and support not only the financial needs of its affiliate institutions and their rank and file members, but also its core social values and causes. How many other financial institutions of this era can even understand our labor causes . . . much less stand in support of them?

Truly, Bank of Labor is unique among today’s financial institutions in its commitment to labor’s values and in its potential to become the bank of choice for America’s labor movement. In an era when the “big banks” privatize profits and socialize losses, such as with the recent “big bank” government bailouts, Bank of Labor rises like a lifeboat in a sea of deception and unabashed greed.